Terms & Conditions


  • The Renter is prohibited to drive the rented car personally if the car rental is with a driver
  • The Renter shall sign the driver’s working schedule at the beginning and at the end of service
    • Overnight Charge: Is the charge imposed for the use of the driver’s service in town for a minimum of 12 hours and above 11.00 p.m
    • Sleep Out charge is the charge imposed for the use of the driver’s service for an out of town trip if the driver has to stay overnight for such trip or when service is delivered to remote location or outside coverage area (4hrs return drive to and from our base in Denpasar).
    • Private tour included English speaking driver, Gasoline and Car parking fees for up to 10 hours/day. Overtime will be charge USD5/hour for Toyota Avanza, Suzuki APV and Toyota Innova.
    • Tour Guide for English, Spain, German, France, Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Russian can be arrange with additional charge.
  • For every excess of the driver’s service use including driver’s accommodation if any, the Renter will be imposed a surcharge per hour as stated in the price list (which will be attached in due course or at the time signing of the Rental Agreement).
  • We only accept the payment in cash, either in US Dollar, AU Dollar, EURO, Pound or Indonesia Rupiah or other currencies based on the latest exchange rate.
  • When advising the type of vehicle/tours that you would prefer, please clarify conditions or rate of your choice and book in advance to guarantee your booking.
  • No deposit needed to make a booking unless reservation for accommodation, simply send us your email booking confirmation and we will be available on your requested date and time.


  • Rental period is on daily basis, 24hours per day for self drive. Failing to return the car on the approved time will incur extra charges counted on hourly basis on USD7/ hour.
  • Car will be delivered to your hotel where you stay . Free delivery for around Denpasar, Kuta and Sanur.
    Car can be delivered to airport providing you inform us copy of your hotel confirmation guarantee later and flight details.
  • License and Age Limitation: Self drive minimum age is 21 years old. An international (or tourist) driving license is a must. Please see driving tips for further information.
  • Fuel either gasoline or diesel is NOT included. You do not need to change any machine oil.
  • Mileage is not limited as far as still in island of Bali. Leaving the island will require our approval. We will provide required documentation if you plan to go to the neighboring island.
  • Insurance: Rental rate does NOT include insurance of the car; however accident damage or theft of the car or any part of it will be customer’s own liability up to USD1,000. A 14-days insurance fee is additional of RP. 300,000 (around USD35). Renter will be fully responsible for any damage or theft of the car or any part of it for not driving on the road (e.g. beach or forest).
  • Prohibitions on the Car Usage
    During the use of the rental car, the Renter is prohibited to do the following:

    • To use the car for bringing goods or loading the car in excess of the standard weight limitation determined by the factory    To use the car for purposes contrary to the law.
    • To drive the car under the influence of drugs or alcoholic drink
    • To make modification upon the original shape of the car, to add or omit genuine equipment and or accessories of the car
    • To use the car for demonstration, race, rally and political campaign
    • To transfer the ownership, to pledge, to re-rent to other parties or to use the car for commercial purposes
    • To carry strongly smelled luggage
    • To carry chemical materials, which should be carried by appropriate vehicles
    • To use the car recklessly
    • To use the car for driving lesson.

    *) Any consequences arising from violation of the above provisions will be the responsibility of the Renter.

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